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How can HCL enable customers to defer CAPEX by increasing the life of their IT assets?

HCL has a unique offering known as 'Multi Vendor Technology Support Services' which helps organizations extend IT asset life and higher asset utilization by providing maintenance and support services and consolidating all the maintenance contracts into a single multivendor technology support contract. HCL uses several best practices gained over last 30 years in addition to using its world class contact and repair center capabilities.

What are the expertise available in HCLs repair center?

HCL has BGA level repair facilities available in its repair center facilities ensuring that the parts can be replaced here in India in several cases rather than sending it to the OEM repair facilities overseas which saves significant amount of downtime and huge cost savings.

Does HCL have the expertise to provide support services for multiple technology platforms under one contract?

Yes, Multi Vendor Technology Support can offer support services for multiple technology support platforms

What are the key differentiators for HCL support services?

Key Differentiators of our Life Cycle Services / Support Services are:

  • End-to-End Capabilities – Hardware (SI), IT Infrastructure, Applications, Data Centres, NOCs and Multi-Domain Capability
  • World Class Alliances – Multi-faceted and rewarding alliances with various technology leaders that facilitate early adoption of new technologies
  • Offshore Advantage – Strong multi-location presence offshores helps HCL to provide cost effective services to customers round the clock
  • Process Efficiencies – ISO 9001:2008, 27001:2005 and 20000-1:2011 certified processes
What kind of facilities exists in HCLs Remote IT Operations Management Centre?
  • Centralized and Secured Monitoring Area
  • Fully equipped training rooms and training labs , WAR Room, Library & Control room
  • Ergonomically designed work stations
  • High redundancy built-in for Power and Telecom infrastructure to ensure Zero downtime
  • All ITOC Tools have been hosted in HCL's Blu Cloud
  • Field support reachability is an add-on to the ITOC delivery model
  • Campus seating capacity of 400+
What are the service management tool capability and expertise that exist with HCL? Does HCL have its own IT Operations Management tool?

HCL has significant expertise in service management and operations tool which is as below:

  • In-house developed Tools and Plug-ins like Tefilla, Turbo Track to Complement Standard Toolsets
  • Dedicated Tools like CA Service Desk Manager, HPOV etc.
  • Expertise on all major Tools like CA, Manage Engine, Microsoft SCCM
  • Reduce Implementation Time with Reusable Solution Accelerators
  • Yes, HCL has its own IT Operations Management tool -Tefilla. The 3 types are:
  • Tefilla Magnet- for Network Management Service Management
  • Tefilla Maestro- for Service Desk Management
  • Tefilla Astra- for Asset Management
What kind of service desk expertise does HCL have?

HCLs global Service desk management supports 10+ Mn devices and resolves 2+ Mn tickets/year. It's based on ITIL V3 Framework which acts as a single node between the end-users and service provider and centralizes incident management, service request management and reporting. The offering includes:

  • ITIL Service Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Support Automation
  • Reporting and Analytics
What does HCL offers under Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)? Who are the partners for HCL for IaaS ?

HCLs IaaS services gives you access to virtual servers with choice of configuration and operating environment to deploy any applications and services without requiring investment in expensive hardware and maintenance contracts. Following services are available as part of HCLs IaaS offering:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (blu DRaaS)
  • Backup as a Service (blu BaaS)
  • Storage as a Service (blu BaaS)
  • Server as a Service (blu BaaS)

HCLs partners for IaaS include: Citrix Systems, EMC Corporation, VMware, Aptean, Quint Wellington Redwood, NetApp, Sapphire Cloud Solutions, SOTI, and Sanovi Technologies

What expertise exist with HCL for managing highly complex IT Infrastructure?

Following are HCLs IT Infrastructure Management Service Offerings:

  • End user Computing
  • Data Centre Management
  • Network Management
  • Comprehensive Service Desk
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Information Security
Does HCL has expertise in managing mission-critical data center?

Yes. HCL does have a proven expertise in both deploying and managing mission-critical data center. HCL has build over 70+ Mission critical Data Centres and is also managing one of the most complex Data Centre in the world for the Unique Identification Project

What expertise exist with HCL for Data Centre Management?
  • 15000+ Data Centre Assets across x86, rack and blade servers under management
  • 20000 TB Data Storage under Management
  • 70+ Mission Critical Data Centres deployed in India
  • Comprehensive Service Desk
  • 10000 TB Data replication and back up cumulatively
  • HCL has a Business domain expertise across all industries.
  • Domain expertise across all Data Centre Stages- Consulting, Build, Manage, Disaster Recovery, Migration
  • Over 8000+ employees focused on Growth Market
  • Over 1300+ skilled Data Centre Support Experts.
  • Over 500 + Skilled Networking Resources
What are the different commercial models available for HCL customer for IT Infrastructure Management?

HCL has several commercial models available to suit the needs of our customers. These are as below

  • Time & Material Model
  • Facility Management Model
  • Managed Services Model
  • Cloud Model
What are some of the key benefits that HCL customers for managed services have achieved?

Some key benefits that HCL has delivered for managed services

  • Time & Material Model
  • Facility Management Model
  • Managed Services Model
  • Cloud Model
What are the key OEMs which are partners of HCL for technology solutions?

Microsoft, IBM, CISCO, CA Technologies, Toshiba, NetApp, VMware, Oracle, SAP, Adobe etc.